Curb Appeal

Visual appeal attracts buyers and you should take the time to prepare your home for showings to potential buyers. While your home is on the market make sure to keep up on the following key tasks which can help make your home more visually appealing:


  • Cut the grass regularly and rake the lawn removing any yard debris.

  • Trim your bushes, hedges and trees. Weed any garden beds and remove any yard debris from them.

  • Wash any exterior steps, windows, railings, doors and shutters.

  • Paint the trim, shutters, railings and steps to give the house a fresh look. If the exterior paint is old and fading consider repainting the entire home.

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The Interior of your home matters too!

Buyers are looking for problems when they view a home they are considering purchasing. Leaky faucets, loose doors, damaged trim, dirty kitchens and bathrooms, missing electrical wall plates and excessive clutter can make your home unattractive to potential buyers. Before your agent shows your home it is a good idea to do the following tasks:


  • Vacuum and shampoo the carpets and clean and polish any hardwood floors.

  • Clean the entire kitchen including all appliances, cabinets and drawers.

  • Clean the bathroom paying special attention to the tub sink and toilet, polish up faucets and drawer handles to make them shine.

  • Replace broken or missing electrical wall plates, door hinges, trim and handles. Oil any squeaking hinges on doors and cabinets.

Take advice from your broker

You hired a real estate broker to sell your home because they are professionals that are dedicated to helping you sell your home. Listen to their suggestions and tips when it comes to preparing your home for sale, as well as their suggestions for pricing your home on the market. Remember that they are professionals with experience and they want to help you sell! 

Buying a House
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